HealthURL helps for-profit and not-for-profit organizations of all sizes navigate rapid change in medical device and health information technology to bring simple and fully connected products and services to market.

Deep experience at the intersection of technology, policy and regulatory practice works with your team to focus corporate strategy and product management, reduce regulatory and compliance costs and put you ahead of the competition.

Adrian Gropper MD is the principal of HealthURL Consulting. For about as long as the Internet has been growing, Dr. Gropper has been a pioneer in bringing medical information and people together as an engineer, consultant and entrepreneur. His work has been intimately linked to the evolution of health technology (in chronological order):

  1. Point-of-Care Diagnostics

  2. Telemedicine

  3. Web-based Picture Archiving and Communications Systems

  4. Patient-Centered Health Records

  5. Provider Portals

Accountability for value delivered is driving the shift to patient-centered healthcare. Patient-centered systems benefit the client by improved coordination with all of the patient’s caregivers and by taking patient preference into account as part of the value equation.

Your organization will be stronger and more competitive when you encourage incoming connections. Let us help plan and implement your medical technology projects with a strategic perspective on bi-directional information exchange and deep respect for the individual clinician and patient.


People and Medical Technology -Connected

Provider Portals

Radiology Imaging

Pathology Imaging

Patient Centered Technology

HIPAA in the Cloud


Regulatory and Product Safety

What is a HealthURL?

HealthURL refers to the Internet address of a person’s health data.

Medical devices, health records and mobile personal technology are being connected to the Internet. For example, the Direct Project enables secure email among every patient and clinician on the Internet. As clinicians are increasingly accountable for the cost of collecting patient information and patients face higher copays both parties will expect secure and accessible HealthURLs.